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The first meeting February 5, 2007

Posted by Nathan in Uncategorized.

Typing in Persian is a real torture for me, so I decided to write in English for a while and see which one is better.

Anyway, I like to start telling my story, or more precisely the story of my first love or more precisely tell how my heart broke in a way that still after four years I can not forget it.

Some years ago, when I was doing my Bachelors degree in Iran, in the beginning of each semester we always had problem of course registration. We used to come very early in the morning or even the night before behind the doors of the university and wait there in order to be the first person the day after. I remember it was second semester and sometime in February. Tehran was cold like hell. We were in front of the doors of Sharif university. I was talking with my colleagues and my body was shaking because of cold of course. A guy with a bit dark skin, black hair and tall came to us and some of my friends started talking to him. He looked very friendly with a permanent smile in his face.

He innvited me and Ali, my friend, to join him in his car because there was warmer than outside. It was the first time I was seeing this guy and I couldn’t believe that five years later I will share the most romantic and one of the most pathetic one-directional loves in my life with him.



1. تنها - February 6, 2007

i am sorry for my self ! very sury
bust i have a idea for u ! PLEASE WRITE FARSI

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