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I have a dream February 7, 2007

Posted by Nathan in One million Euros project.

It is 12:38 at night, in a very quiet German city.  Tomorrow I have an exam or according to Germans, “Ich muss ein Test schreiben.” Anyway, the more time passes the more I get to the conclusion that one sentence which I read long ago in a book about how to become reach is true. The author believed that one of the biggest drives in human in sexual. If you can transfer that power to other things you can do them very successfully. In other words, try to translate your aim to a sexual/sensual language. For example if you want to make money, you can translate it this way, with more money I can have better sex partners or even lover(s) so you get more drive in your business to work harder. I am going to do the same. I want 1,000,000 Euros and I already translated it into a sexual language. With 1,000,000 I can have many sexy boys around myself, so let’s go for that.

My dreams is living in a very beautiful Spanish style house beside the sea, with million in your account, a nice business, and having dozens of super sexy boys around you. Who knows maybe finally you can find your Mr. Right between them. Maybe a tall and a bit dark muscular Latino guy or a tall and blond guy with long hairs like one of those Swedish angels. Someone like BWO music band star.

It is my dream, I really want it. We’ll see how fast I can get to that point. I am going to use all my intelligence and my knowledge to reach it to benefit myself and also other people as much as I can.

I will update you about  my 1,000,000 Euros project and my progress from time to time.

I am going to have another looks on my lecture notes and then sleep with dream of being beside a beach with nice Spanish boys around me in my luxury house in Spain.



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