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Just be rich even being 89 old is OK February 8, 2007

Posted by Nathan in One million Euros project.

Today I had my exam and I can say it was OK although it could be better. Today Iw as reading in BBC about that American former super mode who died in a hotel in Florida. She married a 89 years old miliarder while she was just 26. You see when you are rich even in 89 you can have the best partner who even young and cute guys can not even think about.
I can say it is another intension for me to go for my 1,000,000 Eur.

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1. SomeBody. - February 10, 2007

Believe me, that 89 years old man preferred to loose all that money to have a second of the youth that he lost to acquire his wealth. None of those boys that you can buy for 1m Euro can make you feel as good as a single kiss from one of your classmates in your down to earth dormitory. All that hunky Latinos think is getting your money and get rid of you and you know that for every single second that you are with them. I think loosing any of your youthful moments that a cent can earn you treasure-worths of pleasure is sad. That was our lecture for today!!! Cheers and best of lucks with your exams.

2. aboutpglo - March 8, 2007

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