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Regarding comment February 10, 2007

Posted by Nathan in Uncategorized.

An anonymous friend left me a comment to the last post. I have to say that I kind of felt the same. Let me tell you the story. Last January I went to Berlin with a colleague for conference. After conference we had one day free so I just told him I have a personal business to do today and will meet him in train station before night. Guess what was my private business?

In a German q.u.e.e.r. website once a link to escorts website got my attention. You can guess looking at picture of all those awesome boys makes every one crazy. I felt damn curious to at least once meet one of them and get laid. Before leaving to Berlin i sent a message to the best one, in my taste, and got his cell phone number. His picture once was on the first page of one the most famous g.a.y. magazines. Anyway in Berlin I called him and he gave me the address to meet him. His services costs 150 Euros per hour. Anyway I agreed, got a taxi and went there. I have to say a really awesome boy. Around 23 years old, tall, muscular body, and perfect in every aspect of face and body but don’t need to mention the mentality was worse than worse.

Anyway, I was with him for an hour, I can say I enjoyed when I was there, but as our anonymous friend who left the comment told; in each and every second I had the feeling that it is because of my wallet not because of me.

When I left there, I didn’t have any special feeling. I mean a feeling like when a guy who really loves you kisses you, although I had much more than a kiss with this escort guy.

Let’s return to the comment of our friend again. I have to say; yes my friend you are right, but what else I can do. At the moment I have no friend, no lover. But at least with million money I can have the fun, without than even fun is not possible. I can describe that kind of fun like a pain killer. You get it, you feel relieved for a while and then again you have to get it. At least at the moment I have no better solution.



1. مازیار - February 17, 2007

سلام اشکان عزیز
از این که منرا به خانه ات دعوت کردی سپاسگزارم
هیچ طوری نمی تونم تعریف کنم دارم چی می کشم .باور کن دیگه ذره ای حس و عشق برام نمونده که به دیگری بدم چون همه احساس و عشقمو پیش اون جا گذاشتم
فقط دارم وقت کشی می کنم تا برم ولی به سختی
من ازش خواستم به دیدنم نیاد چون توان دیدنش را ندام بهش گفتم اگه منو دوست داری برای اخرین لطف این کارو کن و به دیدارم نیا و اون هم گفت باشه نمیام چون نمی خوام تو رو ناراحت کنم
آه چی بگم چی بگم اشکان

2. Hormazd - February 17, 2007

hi there
yes i guess u r right
be 89 but rich and everything will be just fine
u can just point to everyone and have him in bed in an hour
this is the power of money
and all is true
but u forgot something , something important
we have another kind of power much stronger than the power of money
yes , your guess is right
the power of love
and its not for sale dear friend
i know that u knew it before but i just wanted to say
thank you so much because of your blog
its really great
i will come here again and again
ofcourse if u let me
take care and bye bye

3. mehran - February 19, 2007

به من هم سری بزن گاهی…
از جنس خودتم…
خود خودت…

4. rahkar - February 21, 2007

دوستان خوب
مدتی است متاسفانه و یا خوشبختانه شاهد اتفاقات و حرف هایی هستیم. جامعه جنسی تحت فشار ما مشکلات بسیار زیادی داشته و دارد و این مسائل تنها باری است اضافه بر دوش و دردی اضافه در دل ما. مایلم به سهم خودم سر و سامانی به این حرف ها بدهم. نمی خوهم بی دلیل و تنها از روی احساسات طرفداری/محکوم کنم چون نه قاضی هستم نه عالم و نه مدعی.
وبلاگی ایجاد کرده ام و از شما خواهش می کنم به آن سر بزنید و به دوستان خود نیز معرفی کنید

آدرس وبلاگ:


5. فلانی - February 27, 2007

آرشام هستم. آدرس وبلاگم را به دلایلی عوض کردم. خوشحال می شوم که به وبلاگ من سر بزنید و اگر به آن لینک داده اید آدرس را تغییر دهید. لطفا در آن وبلاگ مرا “فلانی” صدا کنید.

6. saman - September 22, 2009

hi khubin gol pesara ?

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